FinishIt Change Log

v.1.3.1 (Current Version)

NEW: Renamed from ToDo to FinishIt. Same great app, same great features.


NEW: Alarms! You can now set and respond to alarms for individual tasks. A blue alarm icon means an alarm is set for a time in the future, and a red alarm icon means that the alarm is set for a time in the past.

NEW: Checkboxes. Quickly mark tasks as done by checking the box on the left of the task. Note: You can turn checkboxes off in Settings.

NEW: Re-designed About dialog.

FIXED: various bugs


NEW: When not overriding the back button on the Task Details screen, you can choose whether or not pressing back cancels or saves your changes.

NEW: Setting to show overdue tasks in the Today list.

NEW: Setting to show an indicator on overdue tasks.

NEW: When deferring a task from the task list screen, either by long pressing a single task or pressing Menu>Edit, you now have the option to choose the date to  which you want to defer the task (or selected tasks).

CHANGED: The note indicator now displays to the right of the title.


FIXED: Crash when pressing button to set the date on the task details screen.

FIXED: Note icon displays correctly according to the preference.


FIXED: Removed ability to rename lists, and renamed all default lists to their original names. You can no longer rename lists within ToDo until we can figure out the rename bug that has been plaguing many of our users. We apologize for the inconvenience.


FIXED: Highlighting and long clicking colors restored.


NEW: Edit button on options menu lets you select multiple tasks and perform various actions on them (Done, Move, Defer, Delete).

NEW: Defer a single task by long-clicking on the task and pressing "Defer" on the context menu.

NEW: Move a single task to a different list by long-clicking on the task, and pressing "Move" on the context menu.

NEW: Setting to make the back button behave normally from the task details screen.

FIXED: Bug that caused deletion of all tasks when viewing the done list and removing "All Completed Tasks"

FIXED: Bug that caused app to crash if you try to create a list with the same name as an existing list.


FIXED: Minor bug encountered when sliding out the keyboard on keyboard equipped devices.


NEW: You can now set an amount of time that should elapse after leaving the app before you are prompted for your passcode again. This means you can switch back and forth between ToDo and some other application without getting prompted every time.

IMPROVED: passcode lock, now no matter what screen you were viewing last, you will be prompted when re-entering the app.


FIXED: priority, due date sort ordering bug.


NEW: Password protection. Set a numeric passcode to prevent other people from launching the app and viewing the contents of your lists


Initial launch

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