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What if the University was preventing you from reaching your dream?

For many undocumented high-schoolers, it is. The Coalition For Tuition Equality was created on campus in 2011 to help the realization of many young students' dreams. We are seeking an end to a discriminatory policy used by the university that forces undocumented residents of Michigan to pay out-of-state or international tuition rates.

To stand up and speak out against tuition inequality at the University of Michigan, join us in front of the Fleming Administration Building at
8 AM on Thursday, October 25.

We're showing the administration as they arrive for their workday that the University of Michigan's legacy of student protesters did not die out in the 1970s with the end of the Vietnam War or in the early 2000s with affirmative action.

The University can't stop your dream - don't let it stop theirs.

join the movement

Thursday 10.25.12 at 8 AM

in front of the Fleming Administration Building (by the Cube)

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Is 8 AM too early for you?

Can't make it? We understand. Come back to this site on the day of the protest and submit an email directly to the regents by clicking the button below.

Protest from class, or while you're lying in bed.

This button will go live at 8:00 AM on October 25.

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*You WILL NOT get in trouble with the University for emailing a complaint directly to a regent!

For more information regarding the Coalition for Tuition Equality, please visit this website.